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L3Harris is committed to exceeding customer expectations, the first time, by utilizing the e3 business operating system and living the L3Harris values.

L3 Electrodynamics, Inc. (L3 EDI) designs and manufactures a wide range of high-reliability commercial and military specification electromechanical, electromagnetic, and solid state status indicators. In addition, L3 EDI provides custom products and solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of the U.S. and international military and aerospace markets from our company-owned manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Our products include a wide variety of the following indicators:

  • Electromechanical and solid-state hour meters and event counters
  • Electromagnetic fault indicators
  • LED indicators and light filters, including NVIS and infrared secure indicators
  • Custom solutions, including value-added assembly

Committed to providing the highest level of quality, L3 EDI has developed and maintains an ISO 9001/AS9100 certified Quality Management System. In addition, L3 EDI manages a mature Lean Six Sigma program that insures continuous improvement and offers reliable and accurate product support.

L3 EDI shares manufacturing facilities with L3 Fuzing and Ordnance Systems (L3 FOS) located in Cincinnati, Ohio. L3 EDI and L3 FOS products are now designed and manufactured in an L-3 Communications Manufacturing Center of Excellence. All of our engineering, manufacturing, and business operations are located at this single site to generate greater efficiencies, higher quality, and significant cost savings.

Design and development activities are performed in new, well-equipped laboratories accommodating the various technical disciplines embodied in L3 EDI products. These facilities include mechanical laboratories for the development of precision mechanisms and electro-mechanical devices as well as electronics laboratories for the development of electronic circuits, systems, and equipment.