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Solid State, PC Board Mount Elapsed Time Indicators Monitors your system usage

ROLLING MEADOWS, ILLINOIS, USA. L-3 Communications, Electrodynamics, Inc. announces the introduction of the DDS100 solid state Elapsed Time Indicator that has been developed to meet the most difficult requirements of many military and aerospace applications. Qualified to MIL-M-7793/13, the DDS100 provides a highly reliable means of monitoring systems' elapsed time and features non-volatile memory. All connections are made via printed wiring board and the output brought to a data collection point for system reading or to a single dedicated connector. Elapsed Time is read from the M7793/13-1 meter by mating the printed wiring board connections with the M7793/12-1 reader's connector and operating the reader. In addition, the DDS100 has been approved to MIL-M-7793. Other options available such as Event Counter and RS232/TTL output.

Time range is 99999.99 hours. Meter Output is serial binary coded decimal format. The package measures 1.1" long x .450" wide x .275" high. Weight is less than 0.2 ounces.

Environmental Specifications include operating temperature range of -65 to +125°C

meets shock testing per MIL-STD-202, Method 213, Cond. I; Vibration per MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Cond. D; and life accuracy of ± 0.1% from -65 to +125°C and 4.5 to 10 VDC.

DDS100 meters meet or exceed applicable requirements of MIL-M-7793/13. Operating Voltage Range is 4.5 to 10 VDC. Ripple Voltage is 2 volt peak (4 volt peak-to-peak) ripple between 10 Hz and 10 kHz superimposed on 7.0 VDC. Output impedance is ± 10%. Logic zero is between 0.0 and +0.2 volts. Logic one is between +3.3 and +6.6 volts. Power consumption is 2 milliwatts, max. Transient protection test subjects the DDS100 to ±25 volt transients of 10 microsecond duration occurring at a 1 millisecond repetition rate.

Delivery time is 4-6 weeks after receipt of order.

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